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Dangers of a Trump Win with Ruth Ben-Ghiat: Arrests, Mass Deportations

Top historian sounds the alarm

Ruth Ben-Ghiat joins me to talk about the extreme dangers of another Trump presidency. Ben-Ghiat is a professor of history at NYU, an author, and a leading scholar on authoritarianism and fascism.

Ruth tells our listeners how, as an expert on dictators like Mussolini and Hitler, she recognized the dangers of Trump’s first candidacy early on. “I thought, ‘My God,’ this is all very familiar to me. He’s going to have a cult following. I was able to recognize the signs, not just in Trump, but in the GOP.”

In this exclusive interview, Ruth takes our listeners through the very frightening scenario of a second Trump term, and explains in chilling detail what that might mean for his political opponents. Drawing stark comparison to MAGA from the rise of nazism in Germany, Ben-Ghiat tells us what history can teach us about what happens next. “They are full of revenge,” she said. “Full of hatred. And they are never better the second time around.”

We’ll also talk about Trump’s recent felony convictions, explore the possibility of political violence after the election, and so much more.

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