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Exclusive: My Interview with Malcolm Nance

On Trump's plot to destroy democracy

Intelligence and counterterrorism expert

joins me to talk about his experiences on the front-line in Ukraine, and to raise the alarm on the threats posed by another Trump presidency.

Malcolm, who is also a former Naval Intelligence Officer and author, was one of the first brave souls to bring my investigation about Trump’s Russia ties to light back in 2016.

In this interview, Nance uses his unique perspective and harrowing experiences in Ukraine to help us better understand the importance of what’s happening on the ground. “Ukraine is the eastern bulwark against totalitarianism,” he said. “It is literally the Eastern Wall of democracy right now.”

We’ll also talk about the looming dangers of another Trump term in the White House, both for Ukraine and for the US. “We have a totalitarian in the United States that is more than willing to put an end to all of’re looking at, essentially, a situation where 248 years of American democracy comes to a crashing end,” Nance said.

You are not going to want to miss this.



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